Congressional Budget Office
Federal budget and other financial information, at:

Congressional Record
An accounting of the proceedings and debates in Congress, at:

Federal Register
The official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents, at:

Fed World
Everything from government publications to Supreme Court decisions, at:

General Accounting Office
A non-partisan audit, evaluation and investigative arm of Congress, at:

Library of Congress
For comprehensive access to federal information, at:

The President
For White House-related news, press releases, and other information, at:

For Congressional bills, debates, calenders, committee reports and votes, at:

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate


The Governor
The Governor’s website, which includes press releases, budget documents, at:

State Assembly
To find copies of legislation, and for information on New York State Assembly districts, committees, press releases and members, at:

State Senate
For similar information on the New York State Senate, at:

State Archives
A database of 130 million state government records, at:

State Agencies
A directory of every state agency’s website, at:

State Board of Elections
For information on political donations, campaign filings, and relection results, at:

State Library
Extensive resources on the Empire State at:
State Homepage


New York City Council
For member profiles, meeting calenders, committee information, and press information, at:

New York City Mayor
For Mayoral contacts and press, at:

New York City Comptroller

New York City Government
General access to a wide array of New York City government websites, at:

New York City Charter
and Administrative Code


New York Municipalities
For information on every city, town and village, at:

New York Counties
For information pertaining to every county in New York, at:


Joint Commission on Public Ethics
For state lobbying information, at:

Non-Profit Lobbying Rules
For information on what the federal tax law provides with regard to lobbying by non-profit organizations, at:

Alliance for Justice
For background information on non-profit advocacy, workshops and technical assistance, at:


U.S. Code
Federal laws at:

New York Laws
All New York laws at:

Other State Statutes
State laws for all 50 states, at:

Legal Research
Sources for a wide variety of legal research needs, including state and federal decisions, at:


Capitol Confidential:

State of Politics


Conservative Party

Democratic Party

Green Party

Republican Party

Working Families Party

State Legislative Districts
Maps of state Assembly and Senate Districts, at:

US Elections
For information on elections across the country, at:


Division of the Budget
State budget information, including process, bills, archived information, and bulletins, at:


National State and Local Governments
Links to websites for governments in every state, at:

State News
For news from all 50 states, at: